Boca Raton, FL, USA: PrAcademics Press, 2006


List of Contributors

  1. Advancing Public Procurement: Practices, Innovation and Knowledge-Sharing
    Khi V. Thai

Part I. Partnerships and Collaborative Procurement

  1. Organising For Collaborative Procurement: An Initial Conceptual Framework
    Elmer Bakker, Helen Walker and Christine Harland

      1. Using Agency Theory to Model Cooperative Public Purchasing 
        Clifford McCue and Eric Prier

      2. Cooperation for Tenders: Is It a Threat to Competition?
        Flóra Felsö, Barbara Baarsma and José Mulder

      3. One More Time… How to Measure Alliance Success in Conditions of Public-Private Partnering
        Sandy Chong and Guy Callender

      4. Market-Based Government: Lessons Learned from Five Cases
        William Lucyshyn

Part II. Regulations and Ethics

      1. Procurement Ethics and Innovation in UK Healthcare
        Wendy Phillips, Nigel Caldwell, Thomas Johnsen and Michael Lewis
      2. Governmental Procurement: FAR from a Competitive Process Dean E. Brunk
      1. Regulation and Deregulation in Public Procurement Law Reform in the United States
        Joshua I. Schwartz

      1. Law and Economics Analysis of the Estonian Public Procurement Act
        Ringa Raudla

Part III. Public Procurement as a Policy Tool

      1. Environmental Concerns in Swedish Local Government Procurement
        Frederik Waara and Lina Carlsson


      2. Green Award Criteria in the Most EconomicallyAdvantageous Tender in Public Purchasing
        Katriina Parikka-Alhola, Ari Nissinen and Ari Ekroos


      3. Public Procurement and Social Policy in Northern Ireland: The Unemployment Pilot Project
        Andrew Erridge and Sean Hennigan


      4. Unintended Consequences: Procurement Policy and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal
        Barbara Ann C. Allen


      5. The Use of the Purchasing Power of the State to Promote the Development of Small Businesses – The Brazilian Experience
        Rafael S. Arantes, Loreni F. Foresti and Vinício Rossetto

Part IV. Other Issues

  1. Public Procurement Reform in Developing Countries: The Uganda Experience
    Nigel Shipman and Edgar Agab
  1. Beyond Compliance: The Reform of Public Procurement Laws in Central and Eastern Europe in the Context of the Enlargement Process of the European Union
    Martin Trybus

  1. Procurement’s Value – What Are We Really Measuring?
    Andrew Kidd


  2. A Principal-Agent Analysis of Accountability in Public Procurement
    Ohad Soudry


  3. Early Public Procurement Involvement in Emerging Technologies? The Case of Tissue Engineering
    Wendy Phillips, Nigel Caldwell and Thomas Johnsen


  4. Public Purchasing Future: Buying from Multiple Suppliers
    Merijn M. Linthorst and Jan Telgen


  5. Benchmarking European Public Procurement Practices: Purchasing of "Fix-Line Telephone Services" and "Paper for Printers" 
    Laura Carpineti, Gustavo Piga, and Matteo Zanza

IPPC Collection

News Release

The 8th International Public Procurement Conference

Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th August, 2018

Arusha, Tanzania

Public Procurement remains a key focus for policy makers in this time of global downturn and austerity. As such both academics and practitioners have a desire to share their research and practice in an open and transparent environment. The platform for academic discussion and practitioner engagement is provided by IPPC, which is one of the largest international public procurement conferences. Over the last 14 years, IPPC events have attracted participants from about 100 countries. The forthcoming Eighth International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC8) will take place in Arusha City in Tanzania from 8th to 10th 2018. This remarkable event will bring together about 1,000 delegates across the globe. For detailed information about IPPC8, please click here.

Best Paper Awards

There are three best paper awards, with US$2,000 for the 1st best paper, US$1,000 for the 2nd best paper, and US$500 for the 3rd best paper.

Paper Preparation Guidelines. The general format of the manuscript should be as follows....

The deadline for Abstract/Paper Proposal Submissions is 31st October, 2017...