List of Contributors
1. Charting a Course in Public Procurement Innovation and Knowledge Sharing
G. L. Albano, K. F. Snider and K. V. Thai

Part I. Public Procurement as a Policy Tool

2. The Uses and Abuses of Public Procurement in Hungary
T. Tátrai and G. Nyikos


3. Green Procurement in the Public Sector: Purchasing Departments as Procurement Entrepreneurs
C. D. Smith

4. Reform of the EU Procurement Directives and WTO GPA: Forward Steps for Sustainability
A. Semple

5. Public Sector Tendering Challenges For SMEs, Procurer Feedback Provision and Tendering Support Mechanisms: Insights from the Welsh Tender Review Service
C. Evans

6. Sustainable Public Procurement in Practice: Case Study Evidence from Ireland
A. Flynn, P. Davis, D. McKevitt and E. McEvoy

Part 2. Defense Procurement

7. Defense Procurement: An Empirical Analysis of Critical Success Factors
R. G. Rendon

8. Performance-Based Logistics in Germany: Case Studies from Defense Procurement
F. C. Kleemann, A. Glas and M. Essig

Part 3. Dealing with Suppliers

9. Suppliers’ Integrity Management in Chinese Public Procurement: An Explorative Study
C. Wang and Y. Qiao

10. Empirical Analysis of Suppliers’ Non-Performance Risks in Execution of Public Procurement Contracts in Russia
A. Yakovlev, O. Demidova and O. Balaeva

Part 4. Other Public Procurement Issues

11. The Science of Public Procurement Management and Administration
B. C. Basheka

12. Sourcing for Government Goods and Services: Theory and Evidence from Swedish Cities and Authorities
M. A. Bergman and S. Lundberg

13. Litigating State Secrets in Government Contract Performance Disputes
J. I. Schwartz

14.The Influence of EU State Aid Rules on PPP Infrastructure Projects
A. Romanelli and K. Hornbanger


15. A Procurement Auction Model for Framework Agreements
Y. Gur, G. Weintraub and D. Escobar


16. A Review of Procurement Practices in the South African Public Sector
I. M. Ambe and J. A. Badenhorst-Weiss


IPPC Collection

News Release

The 8th International Public Procurement Conference

Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th August, 2018

Arusha, Tanzania

Public Procurement remains a key focus for policy makers in this time of global downturn and austerity. As such both academics and practitioners have a desire to share their research and practice in an open and transparent environment. The platform for academic discussion and practitioner engagement is provided by IPPC, which is one of the largest international public procurement conferences. Over the last 14 years, IPPC events have attracted participants from about 100 countries. The forthcoming Eighth International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC8) will take place in Arusha City in Tanzania from 8th to 10th 2018. This remarkable event will bring together about 1,000 delegates across the globe. For detailed information about IPPC8, please click here.

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There are three best paper awards, with US$2,000 for the 1st best paper, US$1,000 for the 2nd best paper, and US$500 for the 3rd best paper.

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