Dear Colleagues:

We regret to inform you that our partner university in Chile has notified our IPPC9 Committee that unfortunately they will be unable to host the IPPC9 due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our Organization Committee has made efforts to secure an alternative venue. Unfortunately, the decision came too late for us to find a host capable of accommodating our large conference of 250-350 participants. As of now, we have received 187 paper proposals, and nearly 100 full papers have been submitted.

Therefore, the IPPC9 Committee had no choice but to reschedule the conference to August 2024. We are actively searching for a host country and hope to secure one within the next few months.

It is worth noting that our goal has been to hold conferences on all continents to reflect our international perspective. To date, we have successfully organized three conferences in Europe, two conferences in Asia, two conferences in America, and one conference in Africa.

If you are interested in hosting IPPC9 in August 2024, please kindly let us know.


IPPC9 Committee

Leslie E. Harper, Inter-American Development Bank

Adriana Salazar Costa, Inter-American Development Bank

Fuguo Cao, Central University of Finance and Economics, China

Khi V. Thai, Florida Atlantic University

Peter Nguyen, IPPA Administrator

The deadline for Abstract/Paper Proposal Submissions (IPPC9) is 20th December, 2022...