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IPPC6: Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th August 2014
Dublin, Ireland

Public Procurement remains a key focus for policy makers in this time of global downturn and austerity. As such both academics and practitioners have a desire to share their research and practice in and open and transparent environment. In Dublin, August 2014, the Sixth International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC6) will take place. The IPPC is the largest international public procurement conference globally dedicated to academic discussion and practitioner engagement. Over the last 10 years having built its profile in attracting partcipants from over 60 countries, it is hoped that the conference in Dublin will exceed this. . more

Best Paper Awards:
There are three best paper awards, with $3,000 for the 1st best paper, $2,000 for the 2nd best paper, and $1,000 for the 3rd best paper. In addition, there are awards for students’ and practitioners’ best papers. Following are three best papers from IPPC5. more





As an informal network, IPPC does not have membership and membership fees. It has to rely on sponsorships for its variety of activities, particularly cross-country research. Most sponsorship revenues will be spent on IPPC activities, particularly cross-country research, as no administrative costs incur, except two special types of expenses: website hosting and registration fees, and a webmaster’s contractual services. All sponsors will be listed in this website and conference fliers.


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