The conference will accept scientific papers, technical reports, and cases. But we also accept practitioners’ PowerPoint case presentations. Suggested will include the following topics, among others:
- Dealing with COVID-19: Public procurement strategies
- Public procurement: global vs national views
- Public procurement reforms
- Public procurement globalization in the current protectionist
- Public procurement governance and the rule of law
- New technologies that are transforming procurement such as a mega
data, block chains, AI, e-procurement
- Government contracting for public service, infrastructure, innovation,
- Public procurement as a social/economic tool including procurement for
small business
- Public procurement and transparency/ accountability
- Economics of public procurement
- Performance-based procurement especially for more innovative
procurement such as public service and PPPs
- Theory and evidence of the design and operation of platform for public
resource transaction
- Centralized vs decentralized and new forms of organization of
procurement function in new era of technology
- Procurement professionalization and the emerging professional
- The global trend of public procurement as a new field of study
- ADR in public procurement in national and international level
- Ethics in public procurement
- BOT contracts to enhance the development
- Competitive neutrality in public procurement

The deadline for Abstract/Paper Proposal Submissions (IPPC9) is 20th December 2023