Publications: IPPC I

Boca Raton, FL, USA: PrAcademics Press, 2004. 


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            List of Contributors

  1. Challenges in Public Procurement 
    Khi V. Thai

  2. Challenges in Public Procurement: Comparative Views of Public Procurement Reform in Gambia
    Wayne A. Wittig and Habib Jeng

  3. Procurement Watch, Inc.: The Role of Civil Society in Public Procurement Reforms in The Philippines
    Maria Kristina Villanueva Pimentel

  4. Reforming Public Procurement Sector in Turkey
    Kadir Akın Gözel

  5. Government-wide Review of Procurement: Redesigning Canadian Procurement
    Government-wide Review of Procurement Task Force

  6. Balancing Socioeconomic and Public Procurement Reform Goals: Effective Metrics for Measuring
    Small Business Participation in Public Procurement
    Timothy S. Reed, Patricia G. Luna, William C. Pike

  7. A Tale of Two Cities in The Search for the Perfect Procurement System
    Guy Callender and Jim McGuire

  8. Public-Private Partnerships As an Element of Public Procurement Reform in Germany
    Alexander Batran, Michael Essig, and Berthold Schaeher

  9. Public Procurement Partnerships
    Wendell C. Lawther and Lawrence L. Martin

  10. An Exploratory Analysis of Public Procurement Practices in Europe
    Gustavo Piga and Matteo Zanza

  11. Developing the Concept of Supply Strategy in the English National Health Service:
    Longitudinal Empirical Research

    Helen Walker, Christine Harland and Louise Knight

  12. Reputation Mechanisms and Electronic Markets: Economic Issues and Proposals for Public Procurement
    Giancarlo Spagnolo and Federico Dini

  13. Overcoming Resistance to a Paradigm Shifting Change in the Federal Sector: 
    Share-in-Savings Contracting—From the
    Concept to Application
    Kenneth J. Buck

  14. The Challenge of Bringing Industry Best Practices to Public Procurement: 
    Strategic Sourcing and Commodity Councils

    Timothy S. Reed, Dan E. Bowman, and Michael E. Knipper

  15. The Impact of Product Liability Legislation on the Procurement of Pharmaceuticals Within HPSS Trusts
     in Northern Ireland

    Ruth Fee and Jill Mairs

  16. Promoting Competitive Markets: The Role of Public Procurement
    Nigel Caldwell, Helen Walker, Christine Harland, Louise Knight, and Jurong Zheng

  17. UK Public Procurement Policy and the Delivery of Public Value
    Andrew Erridge

  18. Benchmarking Municipal Public Procurement Activities in Finland
    Timo Kivistö and Veli-Matti Virolainen

  19. Performance-Based Procurement: The Key to Effective Basic Services Provision in Developing Countries
    Patricia I.. Baquero

  20. Organizational and Individual Drivers of Compensation of Public Sector Buyers
    Mohamad G. Alkadry and N. Bhargava

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